Roller Blinds

Roller blinds the pull down solution to dressing your windows, we offer roller blinds in all custom sizes so you will not be let down on the fit. The colours range from delicate white’s and pastels to bold colours and prints, everything to set off the rooms of your home and match your furnishings and lifestyle. Everything is made to the highest specification and child safety regulations.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds, just the answer for a look of elegance at your windows, we have a large range of fabrics and colours to choose from. All are made to measure so you can be sure of a true match to style and customise your rooms. All our blinds comply with child safety regulations.

Venetian Blind

All the Blinds we supply are made of highest quality wood Coming in a many different range of painted colours, stains and finishes we can provide the perfect Wooden Blinds to suit the mood of your home. We offer as many customisation options as possible; Wooden Blind for you.

Venetian Blinds

All the venetian blinds that we supply are made of the highest quality wood and they come in a fantastic range of different painted colours, stains and finishes. With our Venetian blinds you can also choose which size slats will suit your rooms. This way we can give you the wooden blinds to suit the ambience of your home and perfect finish and colour to style your home.

All our venetian blinds comply with the child safety regulations.

Vertical Blinds

Looking for vertical blinds, then we have the answer, a wide range of different textures and patterns.

Looking to enhance a living room or bedroom, or even the whole house our vertical blinds come in either blackout or standard and with a wide range of colours to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.

Vertical blinds that offer the chance to angle the amount of light or completely shut it out, giving you privacy and elegance all in one.

All our blinds comply with child safety regulations.


CV Blinds is the Coventry’s leading supplier of blinds online, so you won’t be surprised to discover that we have a wide range of fabrics, colours, styles and designs, all perfectly made to measure for you. With a whole spectrum of colours, materials and patterned blinds to go in every home.

A great advantage of fitting made to measure blinds is the softness that they add to any room’s décor, making them especially effective in rooms which focus on form over function, such as living rooms.